“Righteous! Bold As A Lion” is the attitude that you must have to deal with this world’s challenges. You are a born-again, brand new Christian. You have everything that you need to overcome this world’s worst problem. Pastors Terrance & Avis Turner will build up your faith with this “off-the-chain!” new music to set your soul free. It’s one of a kind. The music will liberate your soul and build your faith. Get this music CD right now!

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“It Could Be Christmas Time!” Is the brand new single by Terrance & Avis Turner for this season. Get this beautiful and memorable CD as a gift for yourself and your family and friends to share the true Spirit and love of Christmas!

This song captures the true Spirit of Christmas. It tells the real story of Christmas and appeals to your heart to worship and celebrate the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This song encourages you to love others and celebrate the true Spirit and meaning of Christmas!

This song was recorded with some wonderful children’s voices that helps to encapsulate the wonder, innocence, and joy of Christmas. Terrance & Avis Turner are greatly enthused to share this new song with you and your family.

Get this wonderful Christmas CD today as a very special gift for yourself and your family and friends! “It Could Be Christmas Time!” Is the song to remind you of the true meaning of Christmas! Get this music CD right now!