“The Best Part of Life!” Is a new music project from Terrance & Avis Turner. This music is an announcement of “new beginnings” welcoming you to the best part of life! The best is ahead for you. Songs include: 1) The Best Part of Life! 2) God’s Already Worked It Out. You have come to life for such a time as this. God has great plans for you. Let this fresh, exhilarating music lift up your spirit. Get this fresh celebration now!

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“Righteous! Bold As A Lion” is the attitude that you must have to deal with this world’s challenges. You are a born-again, brand new Christian. You have everything that you need to overcome this world’s worst problem. Pastors Terrance & Avis Turner will build up your faith with this “off-the-chain!” new music to set your soul free. It’s one of a kind. The music will liberate your soul and build your faith. Get this music CD right now!

Make-It-Better-Man!-EP is a music project for every man, married or single. Everyman wants to be a better man. Everyman wants to be “super.” Everyman wants to be a hero to his family. Everyman wants to be a faithful man. “Make-It-Better-Man!” Is a gospel music project for everyman, married or single, in any nation around the world. This music can really change the life of any man. This project has songs such as, “Superman!” and “I Am Supernatural” to inspire men to rise above and beyond in order meet the call of duty for his wife and family and society. The song “Faithful Man” encourages men to live with a legacy in mind by fulfilling godly principles in his lifestyle. “Song of The Swagger” is a song that recognizes the natural and supernatural attributes of a confident man. “Make-It-Better-Man!” Get it right now!